Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  What is Sucanon?

A.   Sucanon is a herbal dietary supplement that may help the body to make better use of its own insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels. Sucanon is taken as a tablet, usually one in the morning and one in the late afternoon, about 10 hours apart.


Q.  What is the daily dosage of Sucanon?

A.   One tablet of Sucanon taken twice per day.


Q.  Should I take Sucanon with meals?

A.   The recommended way to use Sucanon is to take a tablet in the morning, before your morning meal, and again in the evening, before your evening meal.


Q.  Can I take more than the daily dose of Sucanon?

A.   Sucanon should be taken as indicated on the package (i.e. two tablets per day). There is a minimal risk to taking more than two tablets daily, but clinical data (conducted outside the United States) indicates that more than two tablets daily will not improve insulin sensitivity or blood sugar beyond normal levels.


Q.  Can I take Sucanon with food?

A.   Sucanon should preferably be taken before your morning meal and again before your evening meal.


Q.  What is the active ingredient in Sucanon?

A.   Sucanon is a multi-component product which contains both natural and synthetic ingredients. The natural ingredient is derived from a dried plant root (root of tricosanthis) and the synthetic ingredient is derived from a form of molybdenum.


Q. What is the chemical name of Sucanon?

A. The chemical name for Sucanon is manitolatodimolybdate.


Q.  Is Sucanon a prescription product?

A.  In the United States or Canada, Sucanon is being marketed as a herbal dietary supplement.


Q.  Is there anyone who should not take Sucanon?

A.  Sucanon should not be taken by the following groups:

  • A woman who is pregnant or nursing,
  • Type I or insulin-injecting diabetics, because increasing the cells’ sensitivity to insulin  could lead to hypoglycemia (i.e. lowering blood sugar too far).
  • Children or teenagers, since Sucanon has not been tested with these age groups.
  • Any person age < 18
  • Person with keto-acidosis


Q.  Can Sucanon be taken in combination with other Type 2  Diabetes medications?

A.  Other medications should only be started or stopped with the approval of your doctor.


Q. If I am a Type 1 (insulin-injecting) diabetic, can Sucanon help me?

A. No, Sucanon is not intended for use by Type 1 diabetics, since the combination of the extra insulin and increase in insulin sensitivity can lead to hypoglaecemia (low blood sugar).

Q.  If I travel to Mexico, can I buy Sucanon and bring it back with me?

A.  Yes, if you are a Type 2 diabetic, you can bring Sucanon for personal use back with you, to a limit of three months’ supply at one time. Alternatively, you can order up to 3 months supply from this web-site.


Q. Does Sucanon need special storage?

A. Sucanon should be kept in a cool dry place.


Q. What is the shelf life of Sucanon?

A. Sucanon should remain good for at least one year or longer if kept refrigerated.